F*ck candy, here's what you should eat instead

F*ck the candy, cake, cookies and other high sugar, high-calorie desserts you don't need this stuff anymore. With all the great, CBD brands reviews out there, there is no need to grab for garbage (zero value food). I'm going to share my go-to options that will improve your health, hormones and balance your blood sugar. Get ready to taste this yumminess and forget about the guilt and feeling like crap after a dessert.

Instant regret

Zero guilt

1. Smart Sweets Gummy Bears

I have officially fallen in love with these little bears. The entire envelope is only 152 calories, and it's packed with an insane amount of fibre. Smart Sweets produces regular gummies and the sour sort. FYI, the flavors veer more toward the citrus side, but all of it tastes good, and it's candy that will not spike your blood sugar! #currentaddiction.

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2.Daryl's Protein Bars

These are honestly so decadent and filling. The drizzle of icing on the top makes it feel like a legit cheat. You can also bake the bars if you're looking for something more cookie-like and less chewy. These bars have seriously impressive macros packed with a lot of nutrition and nothing artificial - Excellent protein, fibre and healthy fats!

My Favs:
All Natural Chocolate Caramel Pecan
Caramel Salted Peanut

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3. ATP Swedish Beef Protein

This is a chocolate shake like no other! You'll never know that it's made with premium, 100% grass fed Swedish beef protein. Each scoop packs enough protein to roughly equal a serving of good quality steak. A side note for those that don't like stevia, this sweetener is very smooth and doesn't have that usual bite that you can taste in sugar-free products. ATP is an exceptional company that only works with top of the line ingredients.

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