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For decades, I was involved with the hustle and bustle of the marketing and advertising industry. For as long as I can remember, I would push myself beyond reasonable limits to get the job done — stress and anxiety were never a consideration. I was divorced from my emotional and physical state.  I remember thinking that what I had achieved was never going to be enough, even when I made it to VP of Marketing for a software firm. 

All the while, my health was failing at a rapid pace. I distinctly remember spending thousands of dollars on health professionals to investigate my symptoms. My digestion was terrible, I had severe clinical anxiety and depression, poor sleep quality, and I often had brain fog or passed-out after meals. I was desperate to solve my problem.

One day, while frantically crossing the street to make it to a functional doctors appointment, I completely blacked out. My vision was cloudy and I was scared I that I would eventually run into a car or perhaps faint. After multiple blood tests, intravenous vitamin infusions, acupuncture and various supplements, I realized that nothing was working. At this point, I took my healthcare into my own hands with the task of finding out how to heal. Eventually, I figured out that I had a vitamin deficiency that was affecting my digestion, my blood sugar/hormones and my mood.

You see, while at my corporate positions I ate very healthy (or so it seemed), but my self-care was optional. In other words, doing yoga and turning around to eat "captain' crunch" doesn't make you healthy. It was this very approach that would have told the whole story in my case — a topic nobody wanted to broach. I now take the firm adage, the way you do one thing is the way you do everything.

While attending the Health Coach Institute,  I decided my approach as a Health Coach would be different than most practitioners I had dealt with in my past. I examine the physical + emotional to tell a holistic story. I am passionate about empowering others to decode their own health issues. I'm dedicated to getting to know each of my clients and spending the appropriate time to dig into their issues and reveal true beliefs that influence behaviours. Think of me as your personal health detective and master habit changer.

I want you to know, even if you're one of those people who has tried many other programs and failed, I am positive it will be different for you this time. The Total Energy Transformation program will forever change both your life and health, your family's life and health. Simply put, The Total Transformation will set you up with the tools you need to be the highest version of yourself.


What you see,
you manifest


Expertise INCLUDEs:

Digestive Disorders
Anxiety + Mood Management
Weight Loss + Low-Carb Meal Planning
Sleep + Anti-Aging
- Metabolic Syndrome/Blood Sugar
Metabolic Syndrome/Blood Sugar
Vitamin Deficiency + Hormone Balance
Lasting Habit Change + Career Planning
(TCM-Transformational Coaching Method)

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