STart the Transformation


Total Energy Transformation

90 Day Intensive

Uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from having the life - and the health - you want. Develop a powerful vision for your Total Energy Transformation, and what it will mean for you.

Discover which foods and lifestyle habits that are bringing your body down and what to do about it. Decode strange signs and symptoms, learn what your body is telling you


DEtox+Energy Jumpstart

30 Day Program

Food is more than simply fuel. Food has energetic qualities that go beyond the science of calories, fat grams, and nutrient values. A one-size fits all approach to nutrition isn't realistic and neither is cutting total calories and sweating it out at the gym 24-7. In this program, we'll be looking at sustainable healthy options.

The detox and energy jumpstart helps you to unlock your health potential, get out of DietJail and eat the foods that power you (including desserts).  

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Kick the Sugar Habit

One Hour Workshop

In this One hour workshop you'll learn:

  • Why we crave sweets and carbs  
  • How to unlock stored fat and lose excess weight 
  • How to quit snacking and why you need to stop in the first place
  • How to crush cravings 
  • How chemical sweeteners ruin your health and which natural sweeteners to use instead

NOVEMBER BONUS: Get 7 solutions to sugar cravings and 2 dessert recipes for all attendees.