Lipliner, a love story


Until recently, I never liked lip liner. I honestly felt that it was one of those typical upsells that the sales rep would recommend at the register. I often felt threatened, It was a final word of warning "you'd better get the matching liner so it doesn't bleed." I can count on one hand the number of times that I cashed out with the matching liner. 

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That all changed when I realized that I can't wear lipstick like I used to. Sometime in my late 30's I saw small vertical lines appear next to my top lip line.  I was mortified because I realized this was the end to sporting that gorgeous red lippie that I adopted as my official vixen look. I was visibly upset and stopped buying makeup for a period of time except for the obligatory drugstore mascara (totally out of character).

I'm embarrassed to admit what helped me to finally overcome this depression - yep, it was Ms. Kardashian West herself. It was rare to see Kim in anything other than a nude lip. This was my first cue to shift to nude glosses over matt reds. I was surprised to see that the right nude gloss was very complimentary for my coloring. I leaned toward peach and pink nudes and stayed away from brown based colors. This color change helped a lot but I noticed another big change, the shape of my upper lip line was less defined. This is when I dove into investigating dermal fillers.

My Current Combo

My Current Combo

I consulted with a clinic that works with different filler products but I didn't like some of the long term issues that this route presented (see Fear of 40, a story on fillers). Ultimately, I found myself back at the makeup counter trying a combination of a topical lip filler and liners. I soon fell in love with MAC's Prep + Prime (it's my own personal saviour), it worked perfectly as a base that lasted for hours. I then took a slightly darker lip liner to outline and color in the full lip before I applied a gloss. Suddenly I had smooth lips that appeared fuller and more voluptuous. 

These days, I focus on creating drama with my eyes and downplaying dark colors on my lips. Small changes like this helped me to regain my confidence and love of makeup. There are times when I revert back to a red lip but I've opted for pencil and a light staining technique instead of a full lacquer or matt look.

If you're finding yourself in the same shoes, try making these changes. I promise you won't be disappointed. 
Soon you'll be welcoming yourself to your sexy 40's.