Need to Know: Karley Sciortino


Karley Sciortino is the real-life Samantha Jones, or so it seems. According to, "She is passionate about sitting down, lying down, and movies with love triangles." If you read about her background, I think you'll agree; she's pretty much the poster girl for women's sexual freedom. 

Even though I'd never be considered a prude, I couldn't get away with successfully adopting her mojo. Regardless, I really respect her life, career path and savvy. For those of you who aren't familiar with her, she’s best known for the cult following she’s built up from her popular sex and relationship column, Breathless, for Vogue and from her website, Slutever. This busy gal is also a contributor to Purple and Richarson Magazine.

Photo Credit: Slutever

Photo Credit: Slutever


Recently Karley worked with Vice to produce the Slutever documentary series. As predicted, Vice expertly throws Karley into erotic, sexual situations where she plays participant/interviewer. Karley’s honest approach exposes topics that we should know about. She’s a legit hero in this space.



some topics she’s covered:

EP 2: Sex and Disability

EP 1: Male Sex Dolls

EP 3: Abduction Fantasies

EP 4: Men for Rent