Why blood sugar is the key to weight loss


It's truth time. Up until now, I've always hated the thought of a workout. I honestly thought exercise was a choice — and for me — I would rather do just about anything else. To stay slim throughout my thirties, I would often reduce my calorie intake to get out of exercising (lots of chicken and salad!). This plan worked perfectly for me up until the tail end of my thirties. 

Recently, I've had a lot of trouble losing the last 5-7lbs that I've put on in the last couple of years. I know this doesn't sound like a lot of weight to lose, but it has become the thorn in my side. I have tried to exercise — albeit inconsistently — but I've never seen fantastic results from hitting the treadmill. During a rough patch, I tried CrossFit for about eight months, but that left me bloody exhausted. I was lost and starting to give up — this is not in my nature, I'm a fighter!

So I was faced with a choice, figure this out or expect to keep slowly putting on the pounds. After playing internet doctor and reading up on a nauseating amount of women's health (much of it is confusing and not helpful), I decided to turn to my family history and take a look back at my childhood. I saw a pattern of hypoglycaemia, diabetes and poor weight management. The answer was clear. Like everyone, I needed consistent exercise.

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Photo Credit: Getty


UGH, how the heck was I going to integrate daily exercise into my life? I don't know anything about creating a program. It was at this moment that I realized, I needed to put my money where my mouth is and pay for help. I immediately started training at a local gym. 

I think this topic is so incredibly important to cover because, for many of years, I experienced the following random symptoms and it had me lost and going crazy trying to find a solution.

- Brain fog/memory
- Nausea after eating
- Neuropathy type symptoms/ Pins and needles
- Lack of energy
- Intermittent blurred vision
- Mood swings, think crying over lame TV commercials
- Candida
- Bloating and weight gain
- Sugar cravings

- Does this sound like you?

The issue is if you want to lose weight, you'll need to get honest about how often you snack (you have to let that blood sugar come down, and that can't happen when you're always eating). Also, think about the overall quality of food you intake. With all this info make yourself a strategic plan of attack to balance your blood sugar.

Remember there’s no instant success with any weight loss approach, but this strategy will balance your mood and make your hormones happy while you’re saying goodbye to that dessert and saying hello to that dessert tea (your new BFF).

Ever since turning 40, none of my usual weight loss tricks don’t work