You’ve been washing your face all wrong

“You only get one face for your lifetime — not counting any cosmetic surgery you opt-in for.”

Chances are you’re washing your face wrong, but don’t worry so was I. A recent refresher of the dos and don’ts reminded me of the essential steps I should be following. I was particularly guilty of number one and five.

I know this seems like a pretty basic skill, but things have changed, and we know so much more now about how the skin ages. Staying youthful is all about education and exposure to the CBD brands reviews methodology.

You should know, over time a poor washing routine can encourage fine lines and other signs of aging, as well as nasty bacterial infections. I’ve outlined five points to keep top of mind so you can look your best. Here’s my ride or die rules.

 1. Your face is your fabric

Seriously, you only get one face for your lifetime — not counting any cosmetic surgery you opt-in for. If you had to wear one item for your entire life, I’m willing to bet you would treat it with love and care. This is why pulling at your face with your hands, washcloths, brushes and rough cotton long term is detrimental to your anti-ageing goals. I recommend you get some soft cotton, or better yet, I love these biodegradable cotton sponges.

Hey, it's me!

Hey, it’s me!

2. don’t shower and put on dirty undies

It’s called bacteria transfer people! You wouldn’t takes a shower and then put on old pants (as the British say), so why do people wipe their clean face with a dirty towel they’ve used on their body? Personally, I enjoy taking a fresh tissue and pressing it gently onto my face to absorb the excess water. Try this; fold the tissue into a triangle, and press it one side of your face. Flip the tissue and blot the other side. If you prefer, you can use a soft, fresh towel — be extra gentle and pat dry. 


3. Scrub your feet, not your face

If you’re using a physical exfoliator, I would seriously rethink this. Put down the abrasive products and pick up a PH balanced acid — alpha hydroxy acids (glycolic, lactic, and citric among them) and beta hydroxy acids (namely salicylic) should be your go-to exfoliants. Acids renew the skin and encourage cell turnover. I’m personally addicted to P50. Pulling the skin isn’t an effective method of getting things done, especially if you’re over 25. Save the scrubs for your feet.


4. Strip right down

Get half naked when you wash, take off your top and bra. Theoretically, you should be wearing SPF on your chest, and there’s no through way to access that area if you don’t take it off. Often there’s a build up of sweat and other dirt that needs to be cleaned every night. As I’ve mentioned before, nobody wants to look at grandma’s saggy chest. If you’re post 35, I would consider adding a collagen and elastin cream or serum to your regime — also don’t be afraid to take it down the chest and onto the breasts. Ideally, you should start your cleansing routine before you’re tired.


5. Up NOT down

The direction of how to massage your face is a much-debated topic. I can only tell you what I subscribe to, and I’m a strong proponent of gently moving up the chest and neck, next work from the center of the face out, I finish by making a pinching motion along the jawline, moving upwards toward the hairline. For me, I’m a big believer in the Biologique Recherche’s method of facial massage. They move up and not down. There’s something to their proprietary method, I always look slim and sculpted by the time I’m out from a facial. I think there’s something to be said for working against gravity since it’s eventually going to win at some point.


Curious about your current regime? Ask your questions in the comments section and I’ll let you know if it’s right-on or total bullsh*t. 


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