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Sleep, the struggle is real

As I ease into the next chapter of life, I realize how essential sleep is for healing, hormone function and problem solving. Missing just one night of ideal sleep (7.5-8 hours) results in brain fog, cravings and some seriously bad decisions. If I slip into a second night of bad quality sleep, I'm guaranteed  to feel ill — let the shivering and flu-like symptoms begin. Once I started my education as Health Coach, I became intensely interested in exactly how lack of sleep influences our lives.

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Periods at 40 — drastic changes await

Let's face it; pads are kind of gross. I miss tampons. Tampons are cleaner, more discreet and they allow you to do things you can't do with a pad, for example, swim, wear tight dresses and exercise freely (FACT: squats are not fun with pads). I remember thinking in my early thirties that mother nature would never be so cruel to me. I was wrong.

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